Friday, January 20, 2006

What goes into the Ground

“This much we know: If we put toxic chemicals into the ground, they will eventually end up in the ground water we drink.

Nearly 80% of the toxic wastes end up in the ground, where they will stay for decades, even centuries. The country is literally laced with millions of potential contamination sites”.

-Congressional Research Service

Over 500 Billion Pounds of hazardous chemical wastes are improperly disposed of every year.

1. Every day, 50 billion gallons of liquid hazardous wastes are disposal at 26,000 disposal sites, 85% are located above aquifers. Some chemicals, such as TEC are so toxic, a single gallon can contaminate a year’s worth of drinking water for 3,800 people.

2. Every year, 100 billion gallons of hazardous wastes are absorbed into groundwater supplies.

3. Of the 700 chemicals that have already been found in drinking water, most water companies test for less than 30.

4. Of the 1,000 EPA Priority waste sites in the U.S. not one has been cleaned up since the EPA’s inception.


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